I love how fashion can alter one’s identity just by switching up a color palette. This color palette is darker with an effortless silhouette. The kimono just adds a relaxed feel to an otherwise very serious and edgy dress. The dress is kind of scandalous, exposing every inch of skin on top except for the boobies, but the fishnet adds a very nice edgy touch. I kept the color palette simple with the kimono because of the conflicting print with the fishnet texture. I just added some spiked Litas to add some more badassery so no one better mess with me.

This outfit makes me feel invincible, like I can just take on anything and anyone, although realistically, that is not the case. I love how this outfit transforms me from a dainty girly girl to a tough chick that no one should mess with.

Location: Cupertino

Brands: Kimono Hollister | Dress Nasty Gal | Shoes Jeffery Campbell | Necklace Karmaloop | Lipstick Mac Media

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