Fall/Winter Shoe Binge

I am very peculiar and picky about the quality of my shoes and bags. They have to be real leather. I can’t stand any of the polyurethane or vegan leather stuff because it just poor in term of quality. Nothing will ever trump the quality of genuine leather that will last years in my eyes. I have had bad experiences with lower quality shoes that wear out easily, and the imitation leather wears out much too quickly for my liking. Usually a pair of fake leather boots will run about $20-50 depending on where you purchase it from. The quality of these shoes are always very poor, the soles glued together, the fake leather is thin and stitched haphazardly by some poor child in Asia no doubt. Instead of spending my money on something that will only last me for a month, I would rather spend that same fund on an investment pieces, where the brands and the products have a reputation of quality assurance. Since I am highly confident that I am able to find these products for the same price as their lower quality counterparts (hairflip), I began searching.


Urban Outfitters recently had a fall sale promotion where their entire sale section is an extra 50% off. So naturally, I took advantage of the sale. Despite the store’s very controversial political and ethical history, it carries a great selection of high quality shoes. Most of the shoes they carry are name brand such as Vans and Adidas which have a reputation for long lasting (unless you’re actually skating of course), as well as Seychelles, Dolce Vita, and Sam Edelman which are all brands known for using real leather. Why I tend to shop for these brands at this store in particular is because of their bi-annual sale of an extra 50% off their sale section. This sale is where I binge my heart on everything Urban. Including shoes.


The selection of shoes you see above were all purchased collectively for $100, which is a steal as anyone knows a pair of Docs usually go for about $140 a pair. Each pair of Dr. Marten’s were originally $140 and were discounted at $80. After the extra 50% off, they were $40 each. Not bad for a shoe that everyone says lasts a lifetime. However, if you are looking for the classic round toe style, this is not it. I loved this Alix style in particular because of it’s pointed toe. I prefer the pointed toe as it elongates my legs a bit and provides a more feminine shape in my opinion. Another reason why I prefer the Alix in particular is due to the side zipper feature which makes is easier to slip on these babies and it also adds to the industrial look that I am so fond of at the moment. I am still unsure if I am going to keep, return, or sell them as I have many pairs of shoes already and these were such a steal. So if you’re reading this, please let me know which color (or both) I should keep. The black color is sold out online, as I was told in stores, but the white is still available on the UO site for $50 after the sale promotion.


Of course, an Urban Outfitters shoe binge would not be complete with at least one pair of Jeffrey Campbells. I love his shoes because they are made of authentic leather, comfortable, and edgy. But by far the best thing about the brand is that I am able to find their quality shoes at such cheap prices during sales. Most Jeffrey Campbell shoes that I own I have purchased in the $20-$50 range, which is not a bad price for a full leather and sturdy shoe. Despite the original prices exceeding hundreds of dollars, these shoes can be snatched up for as low was $20, which was the case with this pair of Ardmore Platform Ankle Boots. Originally priced at $185, these babies were mine at a mere $20. For some reason the shoe is a high price of $130 online HERE. So I recommend trying to hunt these down in store as they’ll be a more affordable price. To justify purchasing another pair of shoes to add to my collection, I simply told myself I don’t have any edgy, basic, comfortable, flat boots in my collection. In the past, I have always just settled for lower quality shoes because I needed them, only to wear them out in a month. So I decided that I needed to just purchase a pair of high quality staple boots that I can span seasons with.

Location: New York

Brands: Jeffrey Campbell Ardmore Platform Ankle Boots | Dr. Martens Alix Pointy-Toed Boot in Ivory| Dr. Martens Alix Pointy-Toed Boot in Black

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