Summer Casual

It’s summer and since I’m not obligated to do anything, I usually don’t. My typical summer day consists of waking up, lying in bed watching Youtube and Yugioh, eating, shopping, and repeat. Even though I show my face in public, I don’t wear anything that is ordinary. I usually just run around in whatever I went to sleep in and not bothering to change because LAZY. This is one of the more put together casual looks that I’ve worn so far this summer that doesn’t look I just rolled out of  bed. Now, let’s talk about these shorts. These are the Zara envelope skirt of summer 2014. Last summer, those were the IT item that every fashionista tried to get their polished claws on, however, this summer is an era for these tulip shaped, wrap shorts. I prefer this style because of the extra skin on the area where the fabric overlaps and it elongates the legs in a very flattering way. They are also very comfortable, although the diaper-butt is not particularly flattering. Should the wallet permit, I hope to own more of this style of short in multiple trims and patterns.

Photos by Katie Walker

IMG_8486-6.jpg IMG_8482-5.jpg IMG_8479-4.jpg IMG_8472-3.jpg IMG_8461-2.jpg IMG_8459-1.jpg