Hi! I’m Vivian, and I’m just a college student who loves fashion! I am currently in New York City for school, but I hop back to the nest in Silicon Valley for long school breaks.

I am ineffable.  The description itself is quite paradoxical as the definition of the word means unable to be described. But that is what I am, I cannot be described by any category. Due to that, I am not confined to one definition and I feel more free. Ineffable is a description of my style, my personality, and my life. Since I am every bit the 21st century girl, I live a component lifestyle with my clashing love for fashion but of innovative technology as well.

I am currently working on my degree in Advertising Communications while juggling a few projects and internships, so if my posts are spotty that is the reason why. However I will try to blog about as many events as I can to show you what I’ve been up to. I do think they are pretty cool and I’d like to share them with you but also for myself, to keep a diary of the great fortune that has come my way.

Because I love fashion, I love to shop as well, but without spending a pretty penny. My forte lies in bargain hunting where I find the best deals for the best items, as you will see in my posts. I don’t believe in the saying “you get what you pay for” because that simply is not true. Good things come to those that wait is the best way to describe my shopping habits. I usually only shop when I can find good deals, because why pay more for the same thing? This blog will be a peek into my closet and some of my shopping habits as well as a photo journal of my style.

Fashion is my passion, and welcome to a peek into my life.